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1 a substance from which another substance is formed (especially by a metabolic reaction)
2 a person who goes before or announces the coming of another [syn: forerunner]
3 an indication of the approach of something or someone [syn: harbinger, forerunner, herald]

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From praecursor


  1. That which precurses, a forerunner, a predecessor, an indicator of approaching events.
  2. One of the compounds that participates in the chemical reaction that produces another compound.


forerunner, predecessor
chemical compound

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Precursor or Precursors may refer to:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

advance guard, agent, airhead, alterant, alterative, alterer, ancestor, ancestors, announcer, antecedence, antecedency, antecedent, anteposition, anteriority, apprentice, architect, artificer, artist, author, avant-garde, battle line, beachhead, begetter, beginner, bridgehead, buccinator novi temporis, builder, catalyst, catalytic agent, colonial, colonist, colonizer, conceiver, constructor, craftsman, creator, danger sign, designer, deviser, discoverer, dominion, early bird, early comer, early riser, early symptom, effector, engenderer, engineer, executor, executrix, falling barometer, farthest outpost, father, ferment, first arrival, first line, forefront, foregoer, foregoing, forerunner, foreshadower, founder, front, front line, front position, front rank, front-runner, gathering clouds, generator, grower, harbinger, heading, herald, high sign, homesteader, immigrant, inaugurator, industrialist, initiator, innovationist, innovator, instigator, institutor, introducer, inventor, journeyman, le pas, leading, leaven, line, maker, manufacturer, master, master craftsman, messenger, modificator, modifier, mother, nester, omen, organizer, originator, outguard, outpost, outrider, past master, pioneer, planner, planter, point, precedence, precedency, precedent, preceding, precession, predecessor, preference, prefixation, preliminary sign, prelude, premise, premonitor, premonitory sign, premonitory symptom, presager, prime mover, priority, prodroma, prodrome, producer, prothesis, prototype, quarantine flag, railhead, raiser, realizer, red flag, red light, scout, settler, shaper, sire, skull and crossbones, smith, sooner, spearhead, squatter, storm petrel, stormy petrel, superiority, symptom, the lead, thundercloud, thunderhead, top priority, transformer, transmogrifier, urgency, van, vanguard, warning sign, warning signal, wright, yeast, yellow flag, yellow jack
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